The Completely Lost Mississippi Fiddle Tunes

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Double-CD recording with 62-tracks recorded with 44 of the finest old time musicians.

In the course of my extensive research into Mississippi fiddle tunes and their sources, I’ve come across dozens of orphaned titles where the melodies were lost. These 1930s era titles were noted in passing descriptions of local repertoire in WPA research, academic research, accounts of fiddle contests, lost 78rpm master recordings and advertisements for contests. The loss of these bits of our heritage has haunted me. Eventually I resolved, with the help of my good friend Pat Conte, to expend our best efforts to “re-discovering” these completely lost melodies and their sources. We do hope you enjoy the fruits of our work.

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Download PDF with transcriptions and chords for some of the tunes. (Final updated version of the book, 2/2020)

Digital Downloads of the recordings are available at Bandcamp

Disc 1 (Tracks 1-34)
is drawn from our collection of vintage lost Misssissippi recordings. With this sampling, we selected for the best performances, the most interesting melodies and the best sound quality. Some of the other recordings can be difficult listening.

Disc 2 (tracks 35- 63)
We made modern field recordings having learned the tunes from the vintage recordings.


Please note that on "Dutch Warbler," the guitarist is Sasha Hsuczyk!
This unfortunate error in the notes is all mine.