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Mississippi Fiddle Tunes and Songs from the 1930's :

click for description of the book and more videos and info .

View Video Introduction/Book Trailer.

Video of two 1936 tunes from the book performed with Brian Slattery and Nathan Bontrager.

Full book presentation at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, May 2016, music starts 15 min into the video.



"This is an important book, grand in scope and scale, and grand in its impact. Documenting a region's musical genre is no easy task in American traditional music., but it has been successfully and skillfully done, albeit seeming once in a decade. Harry Bolick, with the assistance of transcriber Stephen Austin, easily captures the honors for "the" book on regional old time music for the second decade of this century……

Mississippi Fiddle Tunes is a must-have for anyone interested in American old time music. Messrs. Bolick and Austin have done a superb job with the material, and the book has a deserved place on my "top shelf" of favorites in my library" - Andrew Kuntz, Fiddler Magazine, Spring 2016

Hear the tunes in the book:

1. Tunes from the Book - mynew cd, Order a CD , or download from Bandcamp

2. The 3-CD-set from Document Records of the complete 1939 recordings. Their video about the set.

3. Sound files from the sheet music for the1936 manuscripts. 180 tunes plus 4 from 1970's field recordings:

Set 01Set 02Set 03Set 04Set 05Set 06Set 07Set 08Set 09