"The Completely Lost Mississippi Fiddle Tunes" 2-cd set features 26 of my latest tunes. The titles are from various 1930s sources which provided the inspiration for these new tunes. A PDF of the notation for the tunes can be downloaded from the link above.

For as long as I have been playing fiddle, I have been composing fiddle tunes. Since my playing focus is in southern fiddling, I use southern folk fiddle techniques in my tunes. Some, like Carrollton, are an attempt to create a tune that would be a close fit to a traditional Mississippi fiddler's repertoire.

My recording, All the Tme in the World organizes my compositions up to 2006. Twenty-two of my tunes are on the cd, another 35 are downloadable for free from my downloads page.

Download the 53-page PDF (4mb) of All The Time In the World liner notes, photos, sheet music and chords for the 57 fiddle tunes